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private Vlan config

I have a question regarding private Vlan config. I have a DMZ switch where I need to be able for a particuilar server to communicate to the reset of the servers on port 8686 and deny the rest of the communications between them. I have this server on a poremiscuios mode and the other servers on isolated ports.For security reason how can apply this access list? on which vlan? I am running IOS on the switch connecting these servers. Thanks for your help


Re: private Vlan config

an access-list config could look as follows:

access-list 101 permit tcp host x.x.x.x eq 8686 y.y.y.y ys.ys.ys.ys

access-list 101 permit tcp y.y.y.y ys.ys.ys.ys host x.x.x.x eq 8686

apply the access-list to the proper vlan/interface and test.

without knowing your vlans or ip addressing, we will not be able to elaborate on the exact syntax of the access-list or what vlan(s) to apply it too.

let us know if you can and we can help further.

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Re: private Vlan config

the port is that the server( that need to talk to all server is attached to:

interface GigabitEthernet1/0/18

description DZ1WEBSD001

switchport private-vlan host-association 50 51

switchport mode private-vlan promiscuous

speed 100

duplex full

no mdix auto

The subnet is

Basically the need to talk to all servers on this subnet on port 8686 and deny evrything else


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