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Private vlans and 2960 and 3560 switch

Hi, I have a 3560 switch that supports private vlans. There are few computers connected to it and private vlans work fine. Now I need to connect a 2960 switch to 3560 switch. 2960 seems to have no private vlan configuration options but it can be private vlan edge? What is private vlan edge? If I put the computers on 2960 to a vlan that is isolated vlan in 3560 will the computers be able to communicate with themselves in layer2 on 2960 switch?

Cisco Employee

Re: Private vlans and 2960 and 3560 switch


Please refer the below URL for information on Private VLAN Edge which is nothing but Protected Ports.

I hope it helps.



New Member

Re: Private vlans and 2960 and 3560 switch

Example: I have network Networks primary vlan is 2001, isolated is 2002 and community is 2003. These settings are on 3560. So if I put computers on 2960 switch to vlan 2002 and make the ports protected ports they will act as isolated ports and they can't communicate with ports that are on isolated vlan 2002 on 3560???

Can I also use the community vlan on 2960? is this possible because vlans 2002 and 2003 would be on the same network???

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