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Problem across ATM link

My apologies for possibly placing this thread in the wrong forum, but it covers both ATM and LAN routing.

I have a CAT5500 with integrated LANE card and ASP, connecting across a 34MB ATM link to a LS-1010, connecting to a 4700 series router. There is one VPI/VCI for the link. We have IRB configured on the 4700.

The problem is, traffic is being sent by the LS1010 but not recieved by the ASP card in the 5500. We cannot ping between the two networks, and there is no ARP entry being established between the two ATM interfaces on the RSM and 4700. When we try to ping from the 4700 to the RSM, we get "encapsulation failed".

If anybody has got ANY ideas on why this is happening, I would be most grateful.



Also, when doing debug ARP on the router, I get the following error message.

.Nov 27 09:48:25: IP ARP req filtered src 00d0.b7c2.2767, dst wrong cable, interface Ethernet0

This repeates itself for 100's of IP addresses.


Re: Problem across ATM link

This is a sample interface config for an ATM link. Hope it helps

interface ATM1/0.120 point-to-point

bandwidth 6000

ip address

pvc ht-gm 0/120

ubr 6000


oam-pvc manage

oam retry 3 5 1

encapsulation aal5snap


Re: Problem across ATM link

what do you get when you do a:

sh atm pvc

sh atm map


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