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Problem booting Cisco 1601 router


I have problems booting my router 1601, i change the config-register 0x2124 for 0x1016 to see the router boot in ROM, buth when the router starts, nothing gets out to the console, the console cable and my serial port are fine, can i delete de NVRAM (the confreg parameter) moving jumpers inside the ruter?, and is possible how do it?.

i took out the flash card and still no sign of life on the terminal, the lights on the router come on and the OK led flashes 9 times, after that, the lights stop and the leds PWD and OK are in static green.

There is a case in experts exchange, buth i hope other answer please

help !!!!


Re: Problem booting Cisco 1601 router

You cannot clear the NVRAM with jumper setting but you can configure the config-register to ignore the contents of NVRAM on boot and put you into the initial configuration dialogue screen. 0x141 and 0x142 should do this booting from boot image and flash respectively.

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Re: Problem booting Cisco 1601 router

i cant enter by console, how i can change de confreg values?, tha´s my problem, i don't get output from the console, that hapen when i change the config-register 0x2102 by 0x1016


Re: Problem booting Cisco 1601 router

Problem is you have changed the part of the register that establishes the speed of the console connection. With a config-reg of 0x1016 you have set speed at 1200 bps.

So you have to set up your console connection program (i.e. Hyperterminal) with 1200 bps speed. Then you'll be able to console into the router and make changes.

Try it and let us know


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