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Problem configuring 1710 access router

I'm having trouble configuring a recently installed cisco 1710 access router, any help would be apprecated. My set-up is as follows. A dsl router connected to the internet on one side and network on the other. The Cisco 1710 is connected to on the ethernet port and network on the fastethernet port. Most all of my computers are on the network.

I can ping both ports on the 1710 from the network. I can also ping the port of the DSL router from the network. I can ping/access the internet from computers on the network through the dsl router, but cannot access/ping the internet from the network.

I think the problem is that the Cisco 1710 is not sending/forwarding non requestes from the network to the dsl router port.

I'm sure I misunderstading the routign concept for the 1710.

Any ideas?


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Re: Problem configuring 1710 access router


Were both of those class c address spaces actually assigned to you by your ISP? As long as your 1710 has a default route in the forwarding table, it should send your packets to the DSL router, regardless of whether the source is the .9 or .8 network. So check to see that you have that in place ('ip route x.x.x.x' where x.x.x.x is the ip of the DSL router) and then make sure that your ISP has routes to both networks. All of this assumes you are only using static routes. If you are running any kind of routing protocol, things change a little.



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Re: Problem configuring 1710 access router

what static routes do you have in place

you should route to the dsl router as the defualt.

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