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Problem in cisco 1700 router


> I wish to make an enquiry about the Cisco 1720 router. There seem like when

> I turn on the router for long period of time, it may lost connection with

> the network. Is 1720 router easily get heated up?? Whenever there's a lost

> of connection, I restarted the router and the connection is back. I'm using

> ADSL card to connect to my office's network. Sometimes I'll change another

> router so that the connection is resume. Is my router spoilt or is it

> because of other reason?? Kindly help. Thanks...


Re: Problem in cisco 1700 router

What do you mean with losing connection?

Is it the LAN-interface or is the ADSL connection dropped?

In case of the ADSL-side you do not need to worry. I have observed this behaviour also. Could be a providers issue or IOS-related.

The advice for this is: Stay current with your IOS release.

I have never seen a LAN interface losing connection. Normally this should not happen.

Community Member

Re: Problem in cisco 1700 router

It is the ADSL connection drop. I'm using IOS ver 12.0. Is it good enough??

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Re: Problem in cisco 1700 router


I have used 1700s on a couple of occations and have not had any "over heating" issues. I have even had them in some un-friendly closets where they were exposed to higher then ideal heat levels without problems.

Best of Luck,


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