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Problem in RIP-2 and IGRP Redistribution

Dear Sir,

I have four routers(say R1-2610, R2-2610, R3-2504 and R4-1600) in my lab, connected as following...

R1 -->(s0/1)(> R2

R1 -->(e0/0)( --> R4

R2 -->(s0/1)( --> R3

R2 -->(e0/0)(

R3 -->(s1)( --> R4

The diagram is as following :

------------- R1(2610)

| \

| \ (IGRP)

| \

| R2(2610)------

| / RIP-2

| /

.2.0 | / RIP-2


(1600) .5.0


Now, I've configured RIP(ver 2) and IGRP as shown in the diagram...

All the four routers are getting routes to all five networks except Router R4 is not getting the route

Since I'm the beginner in networking... kindly tell me how to solve this problem..


New Member

Re: Problem in RIP-2 and IGRP Redistribution

Your diagram appears to have been hosed by HTML... rather hard to read.

It would be difficult to answer this question without seeing the configs for R2, R3 and R4. Also, you haven't specified your subnet mask, but I'll assume that its always since all of your networks end with .0

Could you post the configs?


Re: Problem in RIP-2 and IGRP Redistribution

If I read your diagram correctly, it looks like R2 e0/0 is RIP2 and the R2 serial is IGRP. The network should be under the IGRP process. RIP and IGRP do not automatically redistribute routes between them but you can set it up that way if you want. Based on your diagram, I don't see a reason for redistribution on R2 unless R2 has other connections not in the diagram.

What is the subnet mask for these networks?

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