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Problem Upgrading 2950-48 using CMS

Trying to upgrade a 2950-48-XL switch to latest rev 12.1.11 (downloaded the latest code from CCO c2950-i6q4l2-tar.121-11.EA1.tar) and when I try to do the upgrade I get the openeing file message and downloading message but then I am getting a "NULL" error in the status window. Reboot switch and it shows the old code of 12.1.(9)

Now I am unable to access my switch using the Web Console. Getting a Page cannot be found error.

Any Ideas



Re: Problem Upgrading 2950-48 using CMS

I guess, your upgrade has failed and maybe you lost the CMS config on the switch. So access the switch through the console and see if you can enable it again.

Also did you follow this guideline here

When you try to upgrade again. Just follow the tips provided in the above document

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Re: Problem Upgrading 2950-48 using CMS

Thanks for the reply, I was able to upgrade the switch using the CLI - I was just used to using the CMS Upgrade feature for our 3548-series switches (was simple) and was wondering if anyone had successfully upgraded a 2950-49-series switch with the GUI.

I was only trying to upgrade 1 switch at a time and I tried the built-in TFTP Server in CW2000 as well as the Cisco TFTP Server v1.1 (disabling the steps mentioned in the URL above) and they both weren't able to upgrade thru the GUI.

No problem using the command line upgrade option.


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