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Problem with Console on 5500 Catalyst Switch

We have a Catalyst 5500 switch that runs the CatOS (not native) and I was curious to know what the commands are to see what speed the Console Line is running at (since I am having trouble connecting to the switch with a console connection). I know in natvie you can just look under "line con 0", but how do you do that with the hybrid OS? Thanks in advance!


Re: Problem with Console on 5500 Catalyst Switch

Are you using a straight thru cable to try and get into the console , these do not take the standard console cable that cisco supplies.

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Re: Problem with Console on 5500 Catalyst Switch

I am using the one-piece, light-blue rollover cable that cisco provides. Should I be using the old ones that are essentially 2 peices? The one's where the DB9 is a seperate peice from the cable?

Re: Problem with Console on 5500 Catalyst Switch

That's a rolled cable for Cat5000 use straight through:

To connect a terminal to the Supervisor Engine II G, III, III G, III FSX or III FLX console port, plug an RJ-45-to-RJ-45 straight-through cable into the console port jack.

Before connecting the console port, check the terminal documentation to determine the baud rate. The baud rate of the terminal must match the default baud rate (9600 baud) of the console port. Set up the terminal as follows:

* 9600 baud

* 8 data bits

* No parity

* 1 stop bit

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