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problem with ddr backup for frame relay using dialer profiles

Sorry to cross-post, i put this in the wan forums before realising there was a remote access forum.

Thanks for showing an interest!

Here's the situation, We have a remote site with a frame relay connection (via ser0) which we want to back up with an isdn backup line using ddr and a dialer profile to the main site.

Here is the config of the router

:version 12.0

service timestamps debug datetime

service timestamps log datetime

no service password-encryption

service udp-small-servers

service tcp-small-servers


hostname remoterouter


aaa new-model

aaa authentication login default group tacacs+ local

aaa authentication ppp default local

aaa authorization exec default group tacacs+

aaa accounting exec default start-stop group tacacs+

aaa accounting network default start-stop group tacacs+

enable secret 5 xxxxxxxxxxxx

enable password xxxxxxxxxxxxx


username master password 7 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

username trr004x password 7 xxxxxxxxxxxxx



clock timezone gmt 0

clock summer-time bst recurring last Sun Mar 2:00 last Sun Oct 2:00

ip subnet-zero


isdn switch-type basic-net3

isdn voice-call-failure 0

isdn tei-negotiation first-call



interface Loopback0

no ip address

no ip directed-broadcast


interface Ethernet0

ip address

ip helper-address

ip helper-address

no ip directed-broadcast

keepalive 4


interface Serial0

description Frame-Relay Link

bandwidth 64

ip address

no ip directed-broadcast

encapsulation frame-relay

no ip route-cache

no ip mroute-cache

no fair-queue

frame-relay map ip 100 broadcast

frame-relay lmi-type ansi


interface Serial1

no ip address

no ip directed-broadcast



interface BRI0

description dial backup link

bandwidth 56

no ip address

no ip directed-broadcast

encapsulation ppp

no ip route-cache

no ip mroute-cache

no keepalive

dialer pool-member 1

isdn switch-type basic-net3

no fair-queue

no cdp enable


interface Dialer0

ip address

no ip directed-broadcast

encapsulation ppp

dialer remote-name trr004x

dialer pool 1

dialer idle-timeout 90

dialer string 01793848012

dialer-group 1

no fair-queue

no cdp enable

ppp authentication chap

ppp multilink


interface Dialer1

no ip address

no ip directed-broadcast

no cdp enable


router eigrp 1



no auto-summary


no ip classless

no ip forward-protocol udp tftp

no ip forward-protocol udp nameserver

no ip forward-protocol udp domain

no ip forward-protocol udp time

no ip forward-protocol udp netbios-ns

no ip forward-protocol udp netbios-dgm

no ip forward-protocol udp tacacs

ip route Dialer0 200

no ip http server


logging trap debugging

access-list 101 deny eigrp any any

access-list 101 permit ip any any

dialer-list 1 protocol ip list 101


tacacs-server host

tacacs-server host

tacacs-server timeout 1000

tacacs-server key cisco

snmp-server engineID local 00000009020000E01E3E7080

snmp-server community public xxxxxxx


line con 0

transport input none

line aux 0

password xxxxxxxx

no activation-character

modem InOut

stopbits 1

flowcontrol hardware

line vty 0 4

password xxxxxxx


ntp clock-period 17179522

ntp server


MRR001X#sh ver

Cisco Internetwork Operating System Software

IOS (tm) 2500 Software (C2500-P-L), Version 12.0(7)T, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc2)

Copyright (c) 1986-1999 by cisco Systems, Inc.

Compiled Mon 06-Dec-99 19:39 by phanguye

Image text-base: 0x0303C3D4, data-base: 0x00001000

ROM: System Bootstrap, Version 11.0(10c), SOFTWARE

BOOTFLASH: 3000 Bootstrap Software (IGS-BOOT-R), Version 11.0(10c), RELEASE SOF)

MRR001X uptime is 22 hours, 16 minutes

System returned to ROM by power-on

System restarted at 15:17:01 bst Wed Jul 24 2002

System image file is "flash:c2500-p-l.120-7.T.bin"

cisco 2500 (68030) processor (revision N) with 6144K/2048K bytes of memory.

Processor board ID 06099777, with hardware revision 00000001

X.25 software, Version 3.0.0.

Basic Rate ISDN software, Version 1.1.

1 Ethernet/IEEE 802.3 interface(s)

2 Serial network interface(s)

1 ISDN Basic Rate interface(s)

32K bytes of non-volatile configuration memory.

8192K bytes of processor board System flash (Read ONLY)

Configuration register is 0x2102

One problem is that the dialer interface is not dialing out when I ping an ip address on the main site from the remote site after having shut down the frame relay serial interface (administritively). I have tried pinging directly from the remote router and the dialer interface is not dialing out. The bri interface is working as it brings itself up to connect to the ntp server every couple of minutes (which is another problem).

The floating static default route is shown in the route table after having shut down the serial interface along with the subnets of the ethernet and dialer interfaces (and all the eigrp routes disappear).

If i do a debug dialer packets i see the following:

Jul 25 10:30:56: Dialer0 DDR: ip (s=, d=, 60 bytes, outgoing uninteresting (list 101)

Jul 25 10:31:00: Dialer0 DDR: ip (s=, d=, 60 bytes, outgoing uninteresting (list 101)

but no sign of the ping attempts that are running on the network. I would have expected to see the pings in the dbug as interesting traffic but there is no sign of them.

Please let me know if you need any further information.



Cisco Employee

Re: problem with ddr backup for frame relay using dialer profile

Try configuring the ip routes to the next hop ip address..As documented in the following url..

Network routes are the best way to go.

Or default routes as in your case the ip routes will be

ip route

ip route x.x.x.x 200

Where x.x.x.x is the next hop ip address over isdn (dialer0). If it still dosen't work, you can troubleshoot using the debug discussed in above url.


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