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problem with flash memory (emergency)

a wrong version of flash memory is copied to my router flash memory and now the IOS could not detect the flash memory...

in Show Version command I can see the flash file name, but I can not run any command related to Flash... How could I delete the flash memory to copy a right Flash file???

the commands Delete flash, erase Flash and Show Flash could not work...

what could I do????

my email address is:

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Re: problem with flash memory (emergency)

You cant delete the flash memory.:-)), the files in the flash can be deleted.

If you could run copy tftp flash command, then issue this command to load the correct flash file (IOS image)(Assuming connection to the tftp server and you have correct IOS image on the server). When loading the IOS image, the router asks whether you want to erase the flash or not before loading the new IOS. Say yes to this. This will erase the flash and load the new image.

cheers :-))


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Re: problem with flash memory (emergency)

Thank you very much for your attention, but it's important to say that unfortunately it could not detect with its intefraces... it's only with its console port that we can connect to it... then the problem does not solve with tftp...

what could I do???


Re: problem with flash memory (emergency)

It is not clear what your problem is , does your box boot to rommon ? What kind of box is it ? do you have another box at the same location ?

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