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problem with LAN break !!!

i have my pc with OS win2000 server, with two ethernet card , on which one is used for my LAN ( with 10.*.*.* class local LAN ip) and second card used as globle ip (202.*.*.* globle ip of intenet leased line) . This globle card have direct cat5 cabel connection from ISP E2 modem ( placed near node of my office ,100 meter far from my office. ) i had run winproxy on my pc for internet use of my office users. On proxy local ip 10.*.*.* is internal ip and 202.*.*.* is external ip configured.

now problem occur when i dial from my pc a dial-up connection to my center office for FTP . the internet was totally cutt-off. even though i can ping the gateway of ISP. but cann't ping yahoo, etc. and browsing totally stops.

i had no config gateway of my WAN network on internal card 10.*.*.*

on route print command on dos promt it shows the dialup connection ip on 1 route. how can i browse intenet with dial-up to my center office is going.

please sortout the problem .......

very thanks in advance !!!!


Re: problem with LAN break !!!

When you finish the dial-up connection, does the Internet come back?

If yes, then the dial-up connection is probably changing the next-hop gateway of your default route ( mask from the gateway of the ISP to the other end of the dial-up link.

I haven't worked with dial-up connections for a while, so I don't know if this is something you can fix in "Dial-Up Networking" on your Win2000 server. To see if this is what's happening, do the following:

1. From a command prompt window, do a "route print" before you dial-up, and write down or copy all the route information; then, close the window.

2. Next, make the dial-up connection, open up another command prompt window, do another "route print" and copy that information. Close the window, and end the dial-up connection.

3. Then, open up another command prompt window, do yet another "route print". Copy the information, then close the window.

4. Compare the "before", "during", and "after" route prints to see what changes.

If you know the IP subnets that you need to be able to reach across the dial-up connection, it would be possible to set up a batch file that you can run after the dial-up connection begins. This batch file would contain static routes that would restore the default gateway to be the ISP, but would also set up some more explicit static routes that will allow you to access the center office for FTP at the same time.

Doing this may help the FTP run a little quicker, too. Because right now, if the default route points to the center office during the dial-up session, then all your Internet proxy requests are going to the center office too. And that consumes some of your dial-up bandwidth.

If you get all the route information you need, and you need help with the commands to do the static routes on the Win2000 server, let me know. If you or someone else comes up with a better solution, post it here so everyone else can benefit.

Hope this helps.

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