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Problem with multicast static RP


I don't know if I am in the right forum.

I would like to ask if someone know if i can config static RP and the rp is the HSRP address of a router.

I know that with static RP I can't have failover but I am thinking if I can use HSRP for redudancy between the RP.I don't want to use auto-rp or another dynamic protocol.

Thanks in advance


Re: Problem with multicast static RP

I am pretty certain this won't work as you will have to configure the static RP on the router you want to be the RP and it won't be able to as it 'physically' doesn't have the IP address. The best way to provide resilience for an RP is either use Auto-RP (really easy to set up) or use Anycast-RP. Anycast is where you use multiple RP's with the same /32 loopback address and then configure MSDP peering between them.

I have configured both for customers and I prefer Auto-RP as it is much easier when you have quite a few routers to configure, although you can combine Auto-RP and Anycast for quite a neat solution.

Have a search on anycast on CCO.


New Member

Re: Problem with multicast static RP


Thanks for your answer.

I have make some test and it works.

But i have some doubts and I need a second opinion.

Best Regards.

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