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Problem with syslog

I have a Cisco 3640 running IOS 12.1.

I am having trouble sending logging messages to teh syslog daemon on a Redhat Linux 7.1 machine.

The config on the Cisco is


logging trap debugging

logging facility local5

logging ip_addresss_of_linux_machine


and I am getting the following message in the '/var/log/messages' file.

'syslogd: recvfrom inet: Resource temporarily unavailable'

Have got something wrong in my configuration.

Community Member

Re: Problem with syslog


This might be a problem with you linux server and syslog on Linux.

The best option is to do a snoop or snif to see if any syslog messages are coming to the linux syslog server.

And some good links about syslog config on syslog devices, please refer to the following web sites.


Habib U Dashti

Community Member

Re: Problem with syslog

First, be sure that the syslogd daemon is being launched with the -r command to be able to receive network messages.

Second, check your services file to be sure there is a line for sylog udp/514.

Third, check your syslog.conf file and create an entry for local5 to a seperate file. Not strictly necessary, but it helps to keep your logs cleaner and avoid conflicts.

The Linux man pages for syslog, syslogd, and syslog.conf have more info on all of this.

Also, get the Kiwi Syslog Message Generator from to test the syslog service.


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