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Problems after upgradinf from 2.0 to 2.1 LMS


I have upgraded LMS to 2.1 (Windows) and applied all available IDUs for the various packages. I can no longer get the "current utilization" element when using DFM. So far all of the 3524XL-ENs, 5509 (with 2 RSFCs and 2 GIG blades) are reacting the same way, CurrentUtilization is greyed out. I know I was getting alarms from all devices before the upgrade. Anybody have an idea what may have changed?

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Re: Problems after upgradinf from 2.0 to 2.1 LMS

I know the question was very open so I will attempt to supply some more info. I have been able to get the utilization stats from the 3524 by first configuring a 10/100 port to 10Mbit (the port is known as a trunck port by DFM), rediscoverying the switch and waiting (no luck with the gig port(s)). After I get the current utilization (in the inventory browser), I change the the port speed to 100Mbit and rediscover the device and wait. Current utilization is now being reported for the port. The same thing happens with a 10/100 port on the 5509 (WS-X5225R card), a port configured at 10Mbit is fine, the 100 Mbit ports (these are ACCESS ports for the most part), if configured for 10 then 100, appear to work fine.

The image running on the 3524XL is current, however, the 5509 is 5.1(2a) (oops). I also have some 2950s and 2924XLs that have been Ok. I haven't tried the RSFC interface(s) yet.

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