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Problems on AS5350

We just install a new AS5350 for Modem Access in campus. It is connected with Catalyst 6500 core switch and use E1(isdn) for connecting with Telephone Organization. We have 2 problems about it.

1.When we dial to AS5300 and get authentication by radius, PPP connection is OK. But if we use "bring up terminal" from Windows(98,XP,etc.) and type user password for authentication, we will get IP address that cannot use.

2. AS5350 has 2 FE ports. Can we set both of them to use at the same time? and How?

Thank you very much


Cisco Employee

Re: Problems on AS5350

Answers follows

1)Need to know who will assign ip address to the users? From local pool on 5350 or from raduis..Need to see the debug for

debug ppp nego

debug aaa authorization

debug radius

debug modem csm

debug aaa authentication

Also need to see "sh run" as well

2)Both the FE ports can be used togather..but for the different networks..You can assign different ip address from the different network to those ports..

Community Member

Re: Problems on AS5350

Actually, local pool will assign IP address because we set Radius like this:

DEFAULT Auth-Type = System, Group = "iec", NAS-IP-Address =, Called-Station-Id = xxxxxxx, Yard-Max-Monthly-Time = 60, Yard-Simultaneous-Use = 1

Service-Type = Framed-User,

Framed-Protocol = PPP,

Framed-IP-Address =,

Framed-MTU = 1500,

Session-Timeout = 10800,

Idle-Timeout = 900

Maybe it get IP Address from Framed-IP-Address = in Radius. Anyway, We also used AS5300 but don't have any problem.

Do you think we should delete the line "Framed-IP-Address =" from radius? and it will work?

Thank you


Cisco Employee

Re: Problems on AS5350

Exactly..Radius is passing the ip address as (Frammed-ip-address) so user is getting it..So now pl. delete it if you don't want radius to assign ip address..That will fix the probelm for sure.

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