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Problems printing different font sizes from aix to a epson printer on 2511.


I have to setup a epson emulation dot matrix printer to be connected

from a async port on cisco 2511 access server.

This is the config.

AIX Server -> Cisco 2511 --> async port --> epson printer.

I have the following configuration on the 2511( running IOS 11.2)

printer rjr line 6 jobtimeout 600 jobtypes ascii

line 6

location "Oki IS434"

no exec

no exec-banner

modem DTR-active

terminal-type hardwired

special-character-bits 8

transport input telnet

transport output telnet

stopbits 1

flowcontrol software

This is the config on the AIX Server.


device = @as2511001

up = TRUE

host = as2511001

s_statfilter = /usr/lib/lpd/bsdshort

l_statfilter = /usr/lib/lpd/bsdlong

rq = rjr


backend = /usr/lib/lpd/rembak

With this configuration, I am able to print plain text files from the

command line.

like lp -drjr filename.txt

however, when I try to print some different fonts other than default,

the printer just prints the ascii codes.

Also, in the 2511, I get messages saying that the control lines are


Mar 1 22:20:25.670: LPD: Connection started, remote host


*Mar 1 22:20:25.686: LPD: Enter job rjr

*Mar 1 22:20:25.690: LPD rjr: data file before control

*Mar 1 22:20:25.694: LPD rjr: Read data file "dfA830test1", length


*Mar 1 22:20:26.006: LPDrjr: Read control file "cfA830test1", length


*Mar 1 22:20:26.010: LPD rjr: 7 byte line in Ctrl file "Htest1"

*Mar 1 22:20:26.014: LPD rjr: 5 byte line in Ctrl file "Proot"

*Mar 1 22:20:26.014: LPD rjr: 13 byte line in Ctrl file


*Mar 1 22:20:26.018: LPD rjr: 13 byte line in Ctrl file


*Mar 1 22:20:26.018: LPD rjr: control line ignored: "UdfA830test1"

*Mar 1 22:20:26.022: LPD rjr: 24 byte line in Ctrl file "Narpip.ksh"

tried all supported lpd config (aix, bsd,aix2)on AIX Server with the

same(or even worse, ie, no print at all) result.

Any clues on what I can do to print my custom fonts on the printer.??

Thanks in advance.


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