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Problems with 2xCAT6509

Dear All Network Experts,

I have problems with my core switches recently. MSFC on one of my core switches reset itself with no reason. At that time, it caused

problems on VLAN routing. The problem was resolved by power cycle the core switch.

I have summarized the events as following:

Hardware Information:

1. 2 x CAT 6509 run HSRP and connect together via Gbit port on its SUP2.

2. Both software version running on it are

WS-X6K-SUP2-2GE Hw : 3.5

Fw : 7.1(1)

Fw1: 6.1(3)

Sw : 7.1(2)

Sw1: 7.1(2)

WS-F6K-PFC2 Hw : 3.2

WS-F6K-MSFC2 Hw : 2.2

Fw : 12.1(8a)E5

Sw : 12.1(8a)E5

Summary of events:

1. MSFC on the primary core switch reset itself. Log = %SYS-5-MOD_NOSCPPINGRESPONSE:Module 15 not responding... resetting module

2. After it recovered, it failed to route properly for the VLANs that were defined on it.

3. Unable to gain telnet access to MSFC or session 15 from console on the primary core switch (authentication problems)

4. Analyst decided to reset MSFC on the primary core switch manually. After it recovered, the routing problem still persisted.

5. Analyst decided to change HSRP configuration (increase priority) on the second core switch to become active, but the routing problem still couldn't be resolved.

6. Analyste decided to power off the primary core switch. After it recover, everything was back to normal. (all problems was gone.)

There are 3 questions here.

1. Why did the MSFC on the primary core switch reset itself ?

2. Why the secondary core switch couldn't route properly when it became active HSRP ?

3. How to prevent this problem ?



Re: Problems with 2xCAT6509


The SYS-5-MOD_NOSCPPINGRESPONSE error message means that the MSFC did not respond to the keepalives sent from the supervisor the MSFC and the supervisor then decided to reset the MSFC.

When you run into a condition where you cannot session or telnet into the MSFC, console into the MSFC using the "switch console" command. Before running the "switch console" command make sure you are consoled into the supervisor.

From there you can troubleshoot the MSFC to see what condition it is in. Check the logs for error messages and also check the MSFC bootflash for any crash files. If you can open a TAC case, do so.

Since the root cause is not known, it is not possible to tell you how to prevent this problem.

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