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Problems with Cisco switch clustering with C3550-SMI switches


I am trying to setup a cluster with 2 C3550-24-SMI switches and C2950-48-EI switch. I could successfully setup layer-3 vlans (with vlan ids numbered 2 onwards, withc vlan1 left as management vlan without any ip address) and the cluster with one of the C3550 switches as the command switch of the cluster. But when I try to setup the other C3550 switch as the standby command switch using Cluster Management Suite, it give me an error: "devices must have the same properly configured vlans". What does thie error mean as I have the same vlans across the whole cluster, except for the IP addresses for the VLAN SVIs which can only exist on the command switch? Is it that we cannot setup Cluster Standby Group with C3550-SMI switches? Obviously I cannot have HSRP with SMI switches, Is Standby group also not possible with these? Can someone let me know what is the problem and how I can resolve it ?

Thanks in advance


Shyam Kumar


Re: Problems with Cisco switch clustering with C3550-SMI switche


A prerequisite for standby group is that the switch supports Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP) so that you can configure a group of standby command switches. Since the SMI switches do not have HSRP support, I am not sure if this can be done. Does anyone have a different opinion? The following doc on Switch clustering does not mention anything about SMI switches:

Please go through the document. It might help you.

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