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problems with european isdn on certain ios versions

I tried a simple network to internet configuration on a cisco 801/2503/2620. The 801 works fine with the FAST-STEp program included. If i trie to use cisco configmaker, all the routers won`t work.

With some ios versions, my isdn-line is lost for 3 minutes (can`t use the telephone anymore)when the router tries to reach the internet. After trying another ios version, the router only can connect to internet when i first lift the handset of my telephone (router shows "isdn layer ? up )and then click the internet. I have tried (downloaded) several ios versions (11/12). All have their difference, but none are working fine.

My question:

What ios-version must i have for European (dutch)ISDN-lines to connect without problems on my 801/2503/2620 routers. We don`t have spid`s here, but probably here it is called msn-numbers (multi-subscriber-number). Could cisco make ios-versions not only for American customers, but als especialy for Europen (in my case Dutch) customers ?


Erik Woldhek/Compuline

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Re: problems with european isdn on certain ios versions

I don't think it matters which version of IOS you have. The IOS should cope with any country.

You're right when you say SPIDs are for USA only.

Configuring ISDN in Netherlands is same as here in UK.

I'd start by looking at your local connection to the carrier's switch. Logon to the Router and look at the output from the 'show isdn status' command. You should have layer 2 as 'multi-frame established'

Is so, enter 'debug isdn events' and make connection to ISP. Look for any error mesages.

If you still have problems send me copy of the config - make sure to delete any vty/console passwords

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