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Problems with GigE connection from 2950 LAN switch to an Intel Pro/1000XT

We have a MS 2000 Server, SP 2, all hotfixes, with an Intel Pro/1000 XT gigabit Ethernet NIC connected to a Cisco 2950 LAN Switch on the RJ-45 copper GigE port. We have the MS compatible HCL driver for Intel on Windows 2000 dated 5/06/02.

At 100M/ full duplex, EVERTHING is perfect, reliable, 0 errors.

At GigE settings, it pings 1 out of 5, extremely slow performance (much slower then 10BaseT, lots of errors.

Clues? What settings should I check? Is auto settings good? Needed? Other ideas?

URL on this would be great! leads me to believe this should work great!

Cisco Employee

Re: Problems with GigE connection from 2950 LAN switch to an Int

Is this applicable, from

Intel Pro/1000 T Gigabit Copper NIC: When an Intel Pro/1000 T NIC is connected to a Catalyst switch, the customer may see poor network connections or excessive numbers of dropped packets. The interoperability issue arises when a module with a TBI interface transmits an odd byte packet to a receiver with a Gigabit Media Independent Interface (GMII). The interoperability issue arises from the implementation of Carrier Extension. Carrier Extension is detailed in sub section in the IEEE 802.3 specification. Carrier Extension can be used to pad the last byte of a packet, so the packet is aligned on an even numbered boundary. Contact Intel Tech Support for the latest driver.

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Re: Problems with GigE connection from 2950 LAN switch to an Int

The description sounds relevant.

What driver version/file from Intel? I believe we have the latest.

Does the CAT need a certain OS version? Is this relevent to this error?



Re: Problems with GigE connection from 2950 LAN switch to an Int

In the event that the solution first posted doesn't correct the problem, the next place I'd recommend checking would be your cabling.

Check that the jumpers are not stretched, twisted, kinked, crushed, knotted, coiled, or in proximity to any impluse-noise-producing power sources.

If the cables were hand-made, check that they are properly pin'd out in the proper pair order for your cable plant 568A or 568B). Category 5 cabling is the absolute minimum, Category 5e is strongly recommended.

Good cabling is essential for Gig.


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