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Problems with ISDN PRI DDR connections

We have 2 C3600 connected via 2 MB leased Line to one central 3600. In case of a break of the leased lines, the both remote routers should dial 15 b-channels but the don't. One dialed 10 connections, the other one only 13 channels and both tell me in a debug dialer, that all 15 channels are established, but the aren't. Is this a bug in 12.2(10a) (maybe CSCdv53824 ) or is there something I forgot to configure?

Cisco Employee

Re: Problems with ISDN PRI DDR connections

Need to know what "sh isdn active" reports from both the routers along with "sh isdn status"..Do you see the same behaviour all the time or number of chans can be different??

Now need to take a look on the following debug

debug isdn q931

debug dialer

debug ppp authentication

debug ppp negotiation

\when routers have already dialed 10 and 13 chans to see what its doing after that..

New Member

Re: Problems with ISDN PRI DDR connections

Thanks for your answer, but the problem was gone after a reload of the router. In the "debug dialer" I only saw, that the router told me, all 15 channels are connected and the max. limit exeeded. In all other commands, you could see, that only 10 / 13 channels are connected. After reload no more problems occured. I thinks it was a bug related failure caused by reconfiguring the number of channels - but I was unable to do some testings because the routers a productive.



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