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Processor Load on 3524 too high?


I have a 3524XL that I recently upgraded to a new IOS. After doing so, and poking around on it, I found that with nothing plugged into it but a console cable, it's reporting

CPU utilization for five seconds: 36%/5%; one minute: 37%; five minutes: 33%

This seemed wildly out of hand to me, so i downgraded it back to my original IOS and got the same response. In looking in the configuration, it would appear that the only non-default settings that are in there are the ip address on VLAN1, usernames being put in it, and the ntp server being set.

In looking at 'sh proc', the only entry with any significant amount of time on it is:

20 Hsp 1F5A04 415774 474690 875 3144/6000 0 Port Status Proc

After 4080 seconds of uptime (1h 8m). I'd compare this to another 3500 at standstill but don't have one. Am I crazy thinking that the processor shouldn't have to work that hard to idle?


Cisco Employee

Re: Processor Load on 3524 too high?

This is normal for XL series. See the following Tech Tip:

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Re: Processor Load on 3524 too high?

Thanks so much for your reply. Now I can go back to worrying about high loads on things they really shouldn't be high on.

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