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Proof that rate-limit works


I have two Cisco 3600 routers with IP feature set connected over a pt-to-pt 2Mbps serial link. I have configured rate-limiting on the FE interfaces to rate-limit certain traffic to 256kbps.

how do i show or proof that the rate-limit is working effectively? I have looked at "show rate-limit" but it doesn't tell me the information. I am currently trying out Solarwinds WAN killer but am looking for other free or shareware to test out.

any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


Re: Proof that rate-limit works

That depends on what type of rate limiting you have set up. For example, if you set up CAR (Committed Access Rate), the commands to verify that rate limiting is working would be:

show access-lists

show access-lists rate-limit

show interfaces rate-limit

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Re: Proof that rate-limit works


Thanks for the reply... I'm using rate limiting or CAR on the routers. The limitations with these "show" commands is that they don't show you the actual bandwidth used by each rate-limit statement. They would only show me packets matched and packets dropped, etc.

In addition, if there are more than one rate-limit statements on a single physical interface, the "show interfaces rate-limit" command will then show the aggregated statistics for all the rate-limit statements. Thus, it cannot meet the requirements if I want to see the statistics for individual rate-limit statements.


Re: Proof that rate-limit works

Try Qcheck from NetIQ ( It'll give you throughput, latency, and packet drop.

It's a scaled down version of Chariot, an application-level traffic generator/analyzer (we use it in our Lab, it's a wunnerful thing).

Good Luck


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Re: Proof that rate-limit works

Hi Scott,

Thanks... this could be what I'm looking for...downloading the software now to try out:)

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