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proxy ip extend to another network

I have an Internet connection through cable ( that is terminated on one NIC in system. By using proxy i want to extend that same ip into for that i have a smoll wan setup by using two routers those are configured as on S0 in router A and on E0 . And the other end the router has on S0 in router B and . i have use one more NIC card in my system with the ip of . It was shared with by using proxy software.

But the problem is at the end of Router B Lan people are not getting internet through Router A but they are able to ping Lan people , but I am unable to share Internet connection (

Please give me the solution . E-mail Address is ""


Re: proxy ip extend to another network

If the users connected to router B's LAN can ping, can they also ping the proxy server at The problem could be the default gateway on the proxy server is not pointing to the ethernet interface on Router A. If this is happening, the traffic from B could be getting to the proxy server but not getting routed back through Router A (this would be caused by the proxy server not having a route for the 20 network). You can verify this by running some debugs on the 2 routers to see what is happening to the traffic.

If the 172.16.10.x/24 users are able to get out to the internet, another workaround would be to NAT the 172.17.20.x network to an address on the 172.16.10x network. You could try configuring something like this:

Router A

int e0

ip nat outside

int s0

ip nat inside


ip nat inside source list 1 interface e0 overload

access-list 1 permit

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