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public accessible server from inside network

I have a 3620 and am natting a single public IP to a private IP bank. I have a web server and mail server which have set to allow access from the public internet.

Is there a way, besides entering private IP addresses in the host file, to access the internal web server and mail server via the address? I have users that access the web and mail server from both in the office and from external networks and I have concerns that a "host" file entry will bump heads with other private networks in other office situations. (Contractors are involved in many different organizations which in some cases use the same private IP addresses that we do).

Essentially, I want to route the public address back to a private address from inside the network.


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Re: public accessible server from inside network

Cisco NAT will translate A and PTR records for which it has static NATs. Therefore if you pass through the router/firewall to get to your DNS (like in a DMZ for example) you will have the returned IP address altered to that which the static nat is set to.

Conversely, if you do not want this to happen use the keyword "no-payload" at the end of the NAT statement

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