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QOS - CBWFQ Shaping

Interested in some ideas....

Say I have a frame relay access with PVCs to several remote sites, including a PVC which connects to a SP Private IP style WAN. I need to implement FRTS on all these PVCs, including the one to the Private IP WAN. The FRTS config for this PVC would have a CBWFQ service policy attached to it, in an effort to control the traffic going into the IP cloud. What I really want to do is traffic shaping for each remote site which is connected to this cloud. So, I set up classes for each remote site, and apply a shaping policy to it, to ensure that I don't exceed the access speed at the remote site (which is connected to the IP cloud).

So, in essence I need to do Traffic shaping on traffic which is already shaped. IOS complains about this, and does not accept this configuration.

Any ideas how I could achieve this?

One way around is to not use FRTS at all, but just one service policy (with shaping) attached to the main physical interface. This means defining classes for not only the remotely connected IP cloud sites, but also the directly connected sites (via a Frame PVC).

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.



Re: QOS - CBWFQ Shaping

One other alternative is, use point-to-point subinterfaces and you can apply individual class maps with respect to each site.

Please see this document for more information how to configure CBWFQ with FRTS

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Re: QOS - CBWFQ Shaping

But what I want to do is apply a "shaping" policy to traffic that is already shaped by FRTS... IOS does not let you do that.


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