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QOS Have people been implementing QOS on HC Links

Quick question when most people implement QOS do they only implement on the lower capacity links like a T1 or Frame Circuit or do you use QOS on your backbone trunks mostly.

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Re: QOS Have people been implementing QOS on HC Links

QoS is a big subject and can be one or all of the following;

 QoS identification and marking techniques for coordinating QoS from end to end between network elements

 QoS within a single network element (for example, queuing, scheduling, and traffic-shaping tools)

 QoS policy, management, and accounting functions to control and administer end-to-end traffic across a network

Most people configure QoS to prioritize traffic and/or configure dedicated bandwidth, control jitter and latency (required by some real-time and interactive traffic), and improve loss characteristics on slow serial links etc.

QoS on fast backbone trunks often takes the form of policy management, prioritizing and tagging of traffic.

Hope this helps ;

best of luck !

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