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QoS on Cisco 6509 Switch with MSFC


I have a requirement for a ISP who provide NEWS services to their client. We notice that single user or group of user is downloading over 60 gb of information.

We are now in a process of enableing bandwidth control based on source address. We would like to control how much bandwidth a certain source can have. For example...single IP source can not have more then 10 GB of connection at any given time. We are not controlling how much they are allowed per month basis but rather how much they are allowed at any given session.

Is there any QoS in Cisco that will allow me to turn on bandwidth control where I can see that if connection to NNTP from source reach 10 GB then refuse futher connection or thortle back to 5 GB etc. etc.

I know I can turn on Rate Limit or RSVP which can control per single flow size but what about if I want to do it based on source address but have switch dynamically determine that as oppose to create ACL for each source which is is going to be a hugeeeeeeee. Or it will be acceptable if we can do it based on Blocks. (we have list of all the blocks that our user are allowed)

Any input on this will be high appreciate it.


Re: QoS on Cisco 6509 Switch with MSFC

You can do this using LLQ/CBWFQ configuration. i.,e using class-maps and policy-map to effective rate limit the traffic to 10Gbps.

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