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QoS on router 7304 NSE-1

I have 2 cisco 7304 NSE-1 (SW vers. 12.2(11)YZ2) with gigabit ethernet connections connected to each other through my service providers network. The SP network gives me a CIR of 400 Mbps with no peak rates. This means, that every packet in excess of 400 Mbps will get droppped. This means shaping of my GE interface to 400 Mbps.

In conjunction with this I have a critical application (not delay sensitive) plus "best effort" traffic and "less-than best effort" (large FTP transfers).

What I would like to do is to ensure, that in times of no congestion everybody can use up to 400 Mbps. Besides, in times of congestion no packet from my critical application will get dropped, and the first packets being dropped will be my FTP packets.

Question 1: How do I achive this mix of application QoS with my shaping to 400 Mbps?

I have studied the QoS Design Guide and the Solutions Config Guide and I can't find a description of the order of excecution of the different techniques when mixing say CBWFQ with WRED and shaping on the interface.

Question 2: Are there any in-depth description available for understanding the exact flow of a packet going through the different phases from input to output (sort of "day-in-the-life-of-a-packet")?

It seems that I can't shape my interface at a higher rate than 100Mbps.

Question 3: Is this right? Are there any work arounds?

Any hints will be helpfull.


Joergen Eskild Larsen

Danish Broadcasting Corporation


Re: QoS on router 7304 NSE-1

You can probably try to configure Generic Traffic Shaping to shape the traffic. But since you are using Gigabit ethernet interfaces, I am not sure if any congestion indication is supported on this connection. So you may need to shape at a fixed rate and you cannot throttle it based on the congestion level. Congestion indication is supported on Frame-relay or ATM interfaces.

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