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QoS question

Hi all,

We are trying to implement QoS features to our LAN. Our environment consists of Catalyst 2950, 2960, 2940, 3500 and 6000 -serie switches.

Could someone point a document (best practice) for us, which shows how to do next things:

- allocate bandwidth for management VLAN

- which switches allows to use Qos with VLANs

Every help will be valuable. If someone has ideas how to take advantage of QoS in LAN environment, please point an example for us.

Thanks in Advance,


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Re: QoS question

The IP Telephony SRND has a QoS section that defines best practices:

What specifically are you trying to achieve in allocating bandwidth for a management VLAN? All critical traffic is marked by the device as either IPP 6 or 7, you can create a control queue to explicitly define a bandwidth for this class.

As far as how to deploy QoS to different switch platforms, it depends on your requirements and environment.

Do you have an IP Telephony deployment?

Are you using aux vlans?

Are you using IP Communicator or VT Advantage?

Do you want to classify PC traffic?

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Re: QoS question


That management VLAN idea was next one:

If there is broadcast storm or other huge traffic storm going on network,then we have allways allocated example 20 % of bandwith for management needs. I mean we have one management station, which is allways in that VLAN. Then we can operate and make configuration by remote.

I don't know is that even possible, but that was the idea. Or is there any other ways how we can make that same idea.

We don't have IP telephones. Other need is that we need to allocate bandwidth for critical applications. If there is a document for that kind of needs, please point me the document.

Maybe it is wise to buy that book which Patrick recommend.



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Re: QoS question

I agree that doing the background research will be helpful. A strong QoS architecture is key in a successful deployment, especially with all of the different switching platforms.

The Enterprise QoS design guide should be a good starting place. You'll find you will have more questions once you formulate your strategy.

Re: QoS question


You should pickup the cisco press book End-to-End QOS Network Design ISBN 1-58705-176-1 by Tim Szigeti, Christina Hattingh. I found it to be one of the best books for configuring and setting up QOS from start to finish. Lots of explicit examples to do the same thing across different types of equipment.

I lost my original copy and picked up a second one from Amazons used books section. This book is a must have for anyones library.


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