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QPM and Catalyst

What kind of QoS monitoring would I be able to get with the following Catalyst devices ?

- Cat4500 w/ SupII and without Layer 3 blades. All IP Phones are connected to in-line power blades

- Cat6k w/ MSFC2 at the backbone. GE to/from Cat4k.

IP telephony runs on these and I would like to monitor if the QoS that we have implemented works as expected. From the docs, QPM seems to get more valuable monitoring data from IOS routers than Catalyst switches. I'm not using class-based on the Cat4k since this is not available. Only COS marking and queues. What kind of data will I be able to see ? Will I be able to see what bandwidth is used for each queues ? Packet dropped ?



Re: QPM and Catalyst

If you're using QPM 3.0 then you can look at: to see what devices supports what QoS features with QPM.

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Re: QPM and Catalyst


Since I'm for now interested to the monitoring aspect of QPM and according to the following section : "QoS Analysis (Monitoring) Capabilities", QPM supports only CAR and Class-Based QoS. So if I'm not using either one, does that mean that QPM will provide nothing for me in regards to monitoring ? Am I reading this correctly ?


Cisco Employee

Re: QPM and Catalyst

Hi Dale,

Basically, there are 2 MIBs where QoS-related counters are made available for polling (monitoring uses SNMP to periodically poll these MIBs):

-ClassBasedQoS (CBQoS) MIB used for Modular QoS defined policies

IOS 12.2, 12.2T, 12.1E

-CAR MIB used for non-Modular QoS defined policies

IOS 11.1cc, 12.0, 12.1, 12.2, 12.2T

If you are interested in monitoring of your existing QoS configs on WAN devices, QPM can import from your devices into the database, attempt to check for config errors and make suggestions. Next, you can use QPM tool to make appropriate changes the imported configs. Then, redeploy the modified policies back to your devices. Finally, once successfully deployed, QPM will make monitoring possible.



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