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Question about VMPS reconfirmation

We often have our older Catalyst 5000 and 5500 devices report a 'No Response' failure for scheduled VMPS reconfirmations. Manually forcing a reconfirmation one or more times will eventually succeed.

I have been able to watch traffic between a client and the server and there are plenty of VQP requests and responses taking place. So, I am wondering if anyone knows whether the VMPS reconfirmation is really an all-or-nothing operation or if a failure resulting in 'No Response' really just means that at least 1 port/MAC was not able to be confirmed.

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Re: Question about VMPS reconfirmation

Any update on this one ?

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Re: Question about VMPS reconfirmation

I have been told that this is actually explained in a paper somewhere on this site. From what I have been able to gather, if there is even 1 port that does not reconfirm then the overall status is set to 'No Response'. I think what is causing this is a UDP overflow that sometimes occurs for individual reconfirms.

We've moved all vmp serving off of the catalyst devices and onto a machine running openvmps ( It is working better for us. After replacing our existing vmp servers (cat5k/sup3) with new 6500/sup720's we promptly began having outages due to non-reconfirmation all over the place. Specifically, ports on the servers themselves would rarely ever reconfirm if at all.

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