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Question concerning the 6500 series

Is there is feature or way to "program" the 6500 to assign incoming frames to a MAC address selected from a group of MAC addresses in some sort of round robin fashion? IOW, you would change the destination MAC address to one you want used. Sort of like policy routing I quess. Thanks


Re: Question concerning the 6500 series

What is the exact purpose or necessity for changing the destination mac address as u wish?wont the next receiver get confused if he is not receiving his expected destination mac address?

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Re: Question concerning the 6500 series

I know this is an odd circumstance. What I have is a remote facility that receives processing requests and sends processed replies. There are several "gateways" in this facility that handle the requests/replies from all over via T1 connections. The problem is that each gateway has a limited number of MAC addresses (PCs where the request is processed and sent) that it can support, creating a situation where PCs are "tied" to their associated gateway.

This creates inflexibilty and logistical problems that I won't bore you with, but since all of these gateways reach their associated PCs via the network (6500s with 2950s as accesses) I thought I could circumvent this problem if somehow I could convince the 6500 (my core) to select from (randomly?) any and all PCs to handle a particular request.

This may be beyond the scope of the 6500's abilities, but it is a very powerful networking device. With features like acces lists and routing policies, it doesn't seem like much of a stretch to configure the 6500 to choose, or be fooled into choosing, from all the PCs it has access to process an incoming request.

Thanks for your time and question.

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