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question on cell mode MPLS load sharing (?)


I have a case where my MPLS_PE (edge LSR) router is connected on a BPX switch (core LSR) via an STM-1 link.What if all or one of the tag vc's on this link fills with (ubr PCR:155Mb)traffic?

I have used a second STM-1 link from the PE to the BPX and the PE creates a second LDP session with the LSC (due to different label space) and also a second TVC for every destination in the network.So as an example,for destination lets say x i have now two TVCs (LSPs with UBR PCR:155Mb),the first tvc over the first STM-1 and the second TVC over the other.

My question after all these is if the mpls itself has a mechanism that identifies when the TVC(s) fills with traffic on the first STM-1 and forces the traffic to follow the TVC(s) on the second STM-1.

What is happening if i want to increase my trunks bandwidth?

I saw that if i use per packet load sharing on the STM-1 ports on the PE the traffic will load share over the two TVCs (STM-1)but i don't

know if any packet reconstruction issues will arise.

Thank you in advance,



Re: question on cell mode MPLS load sharing (?)

In an ordinary environment this should cause no problems, though keep a close eye if your utilization gets into the danger zone, as there have been issues with this before (though they were ironed out).

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