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Question on how I can determine the ISDN switch type


I've been work in Japan.

The ISDN switch type, configured by "isdn switch-type" command, in Japan is just "ntt" for BRI or "primary-ntt" for PRI.

Now we are going to install routers on some countries, however I can see many kinds of ISDN switch type for countries/region outside Japan.

According to the URL below:

Capabilities of Typical ISDN Switches

This document show me "The Telco should explicitly indicate the switchtype that needs to be configured".

Is that true ?

That is, The Telco always informs us the ISDN switch type which we are going to connect ?

If the Telco informs us it, then we can follow the following information to configure the ISDN switch type.


Occasionally (especially in North America) the Telco may indicate the switchtype is "custom" or "national". In such cases, use the following guidelines to determine the switchtype configuration:

Custom: If the Telco indicates that their switch-type is Custom, then configure the switch type on the router as basic-5ess (for BRI with 5ess switch), primary-5ess (for PRI with 5ess), basic-dms (for BRI with DMS switch), or primary-dms (for PRI with DMS).

National: switch type conforming to the NI-1 standard for BRI and NI-2 standard for PRI (there is no NI-1 standard for PRIs) . If the Telco informs you that the switch type is National, then the Cisco router configuration should be basic-ni (for BRI) or primary-ni (for PRI).


Or if the Telco does not always or never inform us it, how do you determine the ISDN switch type configured on the router ?

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Re: Question on how I can determine the ISDN switch type

ISDN Switch type is dependant on What make ISDN routing switch used by service provider in there network. So Telco service provider is deciding that and it is mainly common as per country. It may vary if there are multilple service providers in same place.

Ypu cannot decide Switch type at your own. Id with normal setting sit is not worling then contact to Service peovider. Also make sue while configuring that in router it shold be configure in Global and Interface mode both.


Re: Question on how I can determine the ISDN switch type

Thank you very much for your reply.

As I can't decide the ISDN switch type myself, I need to contact the service provider to

clear the ISDN switch type that should be configured before I configure it on router.

When I ask service provider about the ISDN switch type, what information should I prepare ?

for example, contract information or contract ID for the digital subscriber line and so on.

I think I have to prepare any information to ask service provider to prove my question is not bogus.

However I ask customer to provide us necessary information first.

(The digital subscriber line is owned by customer)

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