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Question on redirecting traffic from a specific location

Hello all

I need to configure our CSS11000 to redirect traffic to our web site from a specific domain/host to another site without redirecting other traffic from the site. Basically, we want this particular customer to enter and be diverted to and allow all other traffic continue to go to

Any ideas? All help is desperately appreciated

Thanks in advance


Re: Question on redirecting traffic from a specific location

Possibly having different A records in each sites local DNS for pointing them to different redirectors might work for you. My 2 Cents.

I am sure you have this but here's a URL on configuring HTTP redirection.

Hope this helps,


New Member

Re: Question on redirecting traffic from a specific location

Thanks for the response.

After reading your response and then re-reading my question, I feel I may have mislead you with what we're trying to do.

We have a specific company, we'll call XYZ Inc, which will be making requests to our site at

What we want to do is to redirect ONLY that traffic coming from XYZ company to another site within our domain called All other traffic which is destined for will go to

Can this be done with the CSS, or should I be using another technology and how?

I hope this clarifies my question.

Again, thanks for any and all help that is offered

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