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Cisco Employee

question on the 3550 from a partner

Below is an extract from the

show class-map

cisco ios command reference



The following is sample output from the show class-map command:

Switch# show class-map class1

Class Map match-any class1 (id 4)

Match ip dscp 11 21


I am trying to find out the significance of the

(id 4)

that is returned in the show class-map command.

What does this id value mean?

Can I define it? (if so where?)

Is it defined by the 3550?

Does the 3550 use it to identify the class-map?

I have created 600 class maps on my 3550 and have noticed that the value of

id for

a large number of them is 255. Any ideas?

Hope you can help,

New Member

Re: question on the 3550 from a partner

It may help you


These numbers define an internal ID used with the CISCO-CLASS-BASED-QOS-MIB Management Information Base (MIB). They no longer appear in the show policy-map output in current releases of Cisco IOS.

Cisco Employee

Re: question on the 3550 from a partner


The Software version that I am Running is

Rel 12.1(6) (EA1) (Release Software fc1)

This is from November 2001. Is this no longer regarded as a current release

of Cisco IOS?

The cisco box that I am using is a Catalyst 3550.

My concern aboutr the "id" value being returned in the show class map

command is due to the fact that when I defined 600 class maps on the 3550

the id on on a large ammount of them was 255 in the show class map command.

Is there a limit to the number of class maps that can be defined on a

catalyst 3550?

Does the 3550 use the class map ID to reference the class map OR does it

use the name that I define for the classmap?

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