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Question regarding 3560 operating temperatures.

Hi. The operating temprature of a 3560 switch is stated as:

Operating temperature: 32 to 113ºF (0 to 45ºC)

Is this is cumulative internal temperature or a recommendation on ambinet temperature in the cabinet/computer room? A client is proposing to delpy 3560s in a currently empty room which is already over 30 degrees celsius, there is no active equipment in yet (only active equipment will be 4-6 switches). I am trying to find out whether I say air conditioning is a 'must' or a 'strong requirement'. Any info much appreciated indeed.



Re: Question regarding 3560 operating temperatures.

Despite the fact that the switches can survive in extreme temps, the life of the switch is actually shortened when there is prolonged exposure. To reduce potential problems, it is always good to keep networking equipment at an optimal temp. It would be viewed as protecting an investment. Hope this helps.


Re: Question regarding 3560 operating temperatures.

30c is 86F...

this seems a little warm for a data center/computer room.

i'd keep the computer hardware as cool as possible. 86F is not that bad and very much tolerable by all the cisco equipment i've seen but cooler wont hurt.

if the room does not raise above it's current level, you should be OK, if it does, and it probably will, think of at least air circulation or even a bit of AC.

Re: Question regarding 3560 operating temperatures.

To prevent the switch from overheating, do not operate it in an area that exceeds the maximum recommended ambient temperature of 113?F (45?C). To prevent

airflow restriction, allow at least 3 inches (7.6 cm) of clearance around the ventilation openings.

Here is the doc that states the same as above, search for "warning" statements:

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