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Questions about sup720 with 6509


Configuration : 2*(6509 + sup720 + CompactFlash 64M + Ios on equipements : s72033-pk9s-mz.122-17a.SX.bin)

Thank you for your further answers :

1) I have seen that there are bootflash: and sup-bootflash:

On the documentation --Release Notes for Cisco IOS Release 12.2 SX on

the Catalyst 6500 and Cisco 7600

Supervisor Engine and MSFC-- they speak about the sup-bootflash: and not the bootflash:

Will have I to put the IOS on sup-bootflash: or bootflash: ?

What is the best solution and configuration to set the IOS ?

2) They speak about the boot loader :

" boot bootldr bootflash: "

I think I don't need that on my configuration (page 64 of Software Configuration Guide)

When I pass on conf t : "no boot bootldr bootflash:"

exit, wr, reload, the switch adds again the line.

And on next reload I have got :

-> Missing file name <-

Is it a problem ?

3) Is is important to have ->

diagnostic cns publish cisco.cns.device.diag_results

and diagnostic cns subscribe cisco.cns.device.diag_commands ?

What are the goals of these twice commands ?

(I know the link : but it doens't really "talking" to me)



Re: Questions about sup720 with 6509


As far as your point no.2 is concerned, this is not a problem. It happens usually...

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Re: Questions about sup720 with 6509

I undrestand from the IOS image that you are running Native IOS (s72033-pk9s-mz.122-17a.SX.bin).

Which need to reside in SUP-BOOTFLASH:

Earlier we had Bootloader,CAT OS residing on Supervisory engine bootflash and IOS running

on bootflash of MSFC card.

Pls refer for more details.

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Re: Questions about sup720 with 6509

Thank you both for yours answers.

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