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Questions regarding capturing config on Cat4908 and EIGRP route tables?

During a recent outage of our Cat4908 we thought we were capturing the complete config of the 4908. After replacement of the L3 switch we found many missing BVI's and port configurations. We also found that the routing table for which we run EIGRP was not fully propagating as it should. My question is two-fold:

1) Is there a way outside of relying on CiscoWorks capture and historical to save or obtain the current config of a device, such as the case with other switches whereas you do a sh conf all?

2) How long should EIGRP routing tables take to recoverge and propagate routing tables from distribution devices back to the core routing device? If they are not collecting as recommended by Cisco policy, is there a way to force updates?


Re: Questions regarding capturing config on Cat4908 and EIGRP ro

The command that is used to see the current operating configuration is:show running-config

Use show startup-config to see the configuration in NVRAM.

These commands have to be given in the enable mode.

The EIGRP reconvergence time would depend upon your network toplogy. If a feasible succesor exists, then it will become the next hop when the route goes down, and hence help in faster reconvergence. But however, if no succesor exists then it would take some time for the recalculation. The active timer can however be changed to prevent routes from getting stuck in active. I am not sure if updates can be forced. Would appreciate if someone can give more information on this.


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