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queuing on 34 Mbit

Is it possible to do queuing on 34 Mbit-links? 10 Mbit-links?

Since WFQ is only enabled per default on 2Mbit-interfaces I guess there is a buffer problem doing queuing on higher speeds? Is there a good document somewhere describing queuing on higher speeds?

I'd whish to do CBWFQ and WRED if possible...

Using 3745/3725/7206-routers.


Re: queuing on 34 Mbit

You can do your queueing on the E3 interfaces, but the big question is the reason why you will want to do that. On slower links, the different queueing systems are used to optimise performance, but on a link like E3, often performance is not an issue. Also, because links like 34mbit are found in providers core, they will generally use fifo because this has the minimum resource requirement (in terms of cpu and memory).

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Re: queuing on 34 Mbit

The Why?-question is easy. I dont want the most

important data to be dropped when there is

congestion. We work in the banking/finance-sector and hence some traffic is very important while others isnt. But if someone does a large file-copy if must not affect the critical systems.

So what are you saying? That it's doable or not?

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Re: queuing on 34 Mbit


I don't think terminating an E3 hamper your chances of implementing queing. I feel you need to configure cef anyway and no ip route-cache in your exit interfaces and then apply the needed queing commands applying the reqired logic for your need.



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Re: queuing on 34 Mbit

Thanks, ahvn.

Anybody know for sure?


Re: queuing on 34 Mbit

Yes for sure, it can be configured. Your office must be quite large to required you do QoS on an E3 link.

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