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"Ignores" on router interface

Hello experts,

When I do the show command - sh int f0/0 | i ignore, I can see a large number of ignored packets. The inbound and outbound traffic is about 40-50% for this interface. Why there are still so many "ignores". This router is part of the live network.

What do you recommend to minimise or remove these ignores i.e how to troubleshoot?



Re: "Ignores" on router interface


Do find the possible reasons for the cause of increments in ignored counter.

Ignored Counter: Counts the number of frames dropped on input due to resource exhaustion in the switch fabric.

-On any intelligent networking device, when one or more high-speed interfaces feed a relatively low-speed interface, a mismatch in interface rates occurs.

Since the slower-speed outbound interface cannot possibly return buffers as fast as the faster inbound interface is sending them to the output hold queue, a delay in buffer return leads to some type of drops.

This packet flow breaks the assumption that the outbound interface returns the buffer at the rate of buffer management time.

-In addition to a mismatch in interface rates, ignored errors can increment when the rate of arriving packets is greater than the CPU can process them.

-The ignored counter can also be incremented whenever a packet arrives and an appropriate size packet buffer is not available to handle this packet.


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Re: "Ignores" on router interface


Thanks for the inputs.

Is a high "ignored" packet count matter of serious concern considering high inbound and outbound traffic(80-90%) through the interface.

However, if the inbound and outbound traffic utilization is only about 30-50% then is a high "ignored" packet count matter of serious concern?


Re: "Ignores" on router interface


Can you revert in what kinda enviornment or equipment you are seeing this high ignore counters ?

Also the equipments lined up or conencted to this equipment and the placement of the equipment (in hierarchial model) in which you are seeing this ignore counters..


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