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RADIUS Accounting limitations with IOS


According to Cisco documentation, the "Acct-Input-Gigawords" and "Acct-Output-Gigawords" are not supported under any current IOS release. These RADIUS accounting attributes were implemented to keep track of the number of times the 2^32 byte-counter wraped (every 2 gigabytes or so..).

The problem is that DSL calls terminated with PPP are under these same limitations, and there is no way to keep track of bytes transfered with RADIUS and IOS if the customer transfers more than 2 gigabytes for their session.

Some possible solutions (until Cisco releases an IOS with gigawords support) could be-

- Force a PPP disconnect every time more than 2 gigabytes are transfered. This would make a RADIUS stop accounting record reflect the true number of bytes for that session. Unfortunately, a DSL customer who transfers a lot could get disconnected several times a day.

- Build a hacked RADIUS proxy server which intercepts RADIUS update packets, rebuilds and keeps track of them, and then drops a stop accounting packet to the RADIUS accounting server with gigaword attributes after receiving the final stop packet. This could be costly to develop, test and deploy.

- Do a hybrid of both solutions using SNMP instead of RADIUS for accounting purposes. This has questionable reliablilty and certainly is not very cost effective.

If anyone else has any other possible suggestions, or already has a solution for this limitation implemented - please let me know so we dont go re-inventing the wheel on this.



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Re: RADIUS Accounting limitations with IOS

Note that these attributes have been added with CSCdu31278; this has been integrated into certain 12.2 releases. I'm not sure what platform you are using, but if it is either a 6400 or 7200 you can use one of these releases (or later):

12.2(2)BX 12.2(3.6)B5 12.2(3.6)PB4

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