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Rapid spanning tree

Hi All

I have a problem with my backup wirless link between 2 buildings.I am running rapid spanning tree over the primary laser link and I have got the wirless as the backup.When i am logged onto the cisco 2950 switch at building one and I disconnect the laser and I have got a ping running in the backround on the switch.It cuts over without loss of packet.The problem I have got is when I patch a host d evice laptop or server or computer into the switch.

If I do the same exercise over and I got a png running from my laptop now which is on the same switch and I drop the laser,,,,,I start losing packets straight away.My pings timeout and never recover even though the switch can ping the other building without any problem.I have checked the ip address and mask and default gateway etc and it is all correct.For some reason the host devices on the switch wont cutover onto the wireless link,but when I pinf from t he switch it is fine.Rapid spanning tree from a switch perspective,but not from a host connected on that switch.I can see the arp request going out the port,but the host devices are not getting any arp reply back.The thing I cant understand is that the switch has got a full arp cache and full mac table and it works fine from the switch.....The only problem I found on the switch is when I png the default gateway I get a slight packet loss every 20 or so packets.

This is all that happens over the wireless link..

Please note that over the laser link everything works fine....But over the wriless it all goes a b it weird.

Can anyone give any advice or guidance.



Re: Rapid spanning tree

Is the Laptop/Server ever able to ping over the wireless network ? If no, then there might be some configuration problem with Vlans or the setup.

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