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Rate limit bandwidth

One costumer has 3 IP address, I apply rate limit on Serial INterface with accesslist that cover the 3 IP address. The rate limit is 32 kbps. If my costumer use 3 IP address together, does they get 32 kbps or 32 kbps X 3 = 96 kbps. If they get 96 kbps how can I do, to get 32 kbps for 3 IP addresses


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Re: Rate limit bandwidth

Can you be more specific? Is this a frame circuit? are they sub-interfaces? If this is a frame circuit, you could use traffic shapping. If they are not sub-int, they are sharing the total bandwidth which means, all the IP will TRY to use 96K.

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Re: Rate limit bandwidth

I have to guarante my coustumer for 32 kbps, he has 3 IP Addresses. I apply rate limit on serial interface Cisco 2621 like this

rate-limit output access-group 100 32000 6000 8000 conform-action transmit exce

ed-action drop

access-list 100 permit ip any

If he use 3 IP addresses to access to internet in the same time, how much total bandwidth that can my costumer spend/use ?

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Re: Rate limit bandwidth

You cannot guarante bandwidth in this way. The customer will be able to get full 32Kbit/s only if you have enough bandwidth in Internet channel.

With rate-limit, all traffic to subnet will be limited to 32Kbit/s. The maximum speed will be 32Kbit/s.

Also, you might to limit the customer to the input, and not let him to transmit more than 32Kbit/s or whatever you need.

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Re: Rate limit bandwidth

Suppose I have bandwidth enough, with such rate-limit how much maximumm bandwidth that can my costumer get(for 3 IPI Addr), CAn I limit bandwidth for my costumer 32 kbps only (for 3 IP Address)

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Re: Rate limit bandwidth

Yes, you can.

The limit will be activated for all ip addreses, that you have specified in access-list, indiferently from how many ip addresses works the client.


access-list 110 permit ip any

rate-limit output acces 110 32000 6000 8000 conf trans exc drop

will limit ip addreses,, to 32Kbit/s total.

this is similar to command:

traffic-shape group 110 32000

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