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Raw socket connection to async pass-thru

I currently have to convert async ATM Machines at a bank that were originally setup using BSTUN and network enable them to talk IP to a host. I have got it to work using a Black Box Compact terminal server which passes Raw TCP data on a specific port (in this case 2023) from the host to the async port.

My problem is that I am sure that I can do this with the Cisco 2501 routers that are currently attached to the ATM Machines through the serial interface and running BSTUN. I would rather avoid using the Terminal Servers if I could do the same with the existing routers.

Basically I would need the router to accept an incoming Raw TCP connection and pass thru to the serial interface. I have looked into reverse telnet and other methods but it does not appear to allow me to choose which port the connection from the host comes in on. Which in this case needs to be port 2023. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Raw socket connection to async pass-thru


I have gone through this before. There is a page with the heading "how to tunnel async data" on the site :

It helped me and I am sure it will help you.

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