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re-route ATM link

I have an ATM interface configured on my 7206 on one side of my network and and another ATM interface configured on a Cat-5500 across country. We are using BVI interfaces to attach the layer 3 to layer 2, it works just fine. For backup purposes we have configures a site-to-site VPN with VPN 3000s with floating statics to take over in case the primary fails. The problem we have is that the ATMs are two distinct circuits going into an ATM cloud with PVCs, if my side is down the line/protocol still shows up on the other side of the network and the floating static routes on that side of the network will not kick in. I know that F/R has end-to-end keepalives that you could use to get around a situation like this. Does ATM have anything similar and how does it work?

Cisco Employee

Re: re-route ATM link

There is something called OAM in ATM which serves the purpose of bringing down the interface (when configured) in case there is no end to end connectivity on the PVC. Please check the following links for more information on OAM:

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