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re+te access with as2511

I have a cisco AS2511 access server. I want to connect remote users with a PSTN and use PPP, but i not pass the username and password on the dial-up box of windows ..

I use the terminal window : authentification on the access server.

The config include :

line 1 16

autoselect ppp

autoselect during-login

autocommand ppp

The problem is that the access server expect the username and the password from the windows box dial-up.

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Re: re+te access with as2511

Can you post your AAA commands. They may be the problem.


Re: re+te access with as2511

You are saying you use authentication on the access server? But at the same time you do not want to be authenticated? Could you explain your requirement a bit more? A copy of config (with changed IP addresses for security reasons) will be helpful.


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Re: re+te access with as2511

Since you do not want to get authenticate from Access Server,under the line configuration just say

line 1 16

no login authentication

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Re: re+te access with as2511

Thanks for all.

My need was to pass the user and password on the terminal window not on dial-up box (to keep an existing conf of the users).

I solve the problem by putting :

aaa authent ppp default local

and removing in line 1 16

ppp authent chap

But (always they are but) another problem appears :

my users use outlook for messaging and they dial under this program. With the new conf, the terminal window don't appear and i have an error : config error !!!

This is a microsoft bug ?

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