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Re: Unable to telnet and SSh to Cat4k


I just wanted to get some input. I just recently started here at a site and I am unable to access the the user switch via ssh and telnet. Due to limited access to the switches to be able to create a raidus or local login what possibly can be the issue. The cat4k is configured to accept ssh/telnet from 10.0.0.x /24. What configurations shall I ensure that the switch is configured to for ssh access unless I am missing some info. I will try to get more info on the device moving forward.



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Re: Re: Unable to telnet and SSh to Cat4k


Some additional detail would be helpful. Can you access the switch by IP address with ping? This will help determine whether the problem is an addressing/routing problem or is something else.

Assuming that IP connectivity is not the issue then it would be helpful to know what happens when you attempt access via telnet or ssh. Do you get a login prompt or no prompt. No prompt would suggest that it is some issue with configuration of telnet or ssh access. If you get a login prompt but can not login then it suggests a problem with the configured authentication.

If you can clarify some of these things we may be able to find your problem.



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Re: Re: Unable to telnet and SSh to Cat4k


I know I'm not missing any information. Due to limited access at this time, ssh access to the user access switch is not available. I don't get a promt at all via telnet or ssh. I initiated a tracet top the box and the sw01 is terminated under a access rtr and pix. I am assuming the problem maybe at the acl level between the pix and the rtr. Once I have access I am sure the problem lays in the acl where sw01 terminates into. Again thanks for the advise. Once I get enouhg info I will be postinga watered down version of the cfg.

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Re: Re: Unable to telnet and SSh to Cat4k

I've searched for the docs on ssh configuration for a catos and the docs I run into are a little vague. Do you happen to know where I can find more info?


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